Vegan MoFo: Interview with a 12 year old Vegan

12 Oct

Do you remember The Vegan Kid ? Well, he’s older and wiser, and just as vegan.  Today I’ll interview Shae about life as a vegan middle schooler.

So, Shae, do you know how long you’ve been vegan?

Vegetarian since I was 2 1/2 and then vegan since I was 4 1/2.  Once we finally found vegan cheese!

Do you know anyone else who is vegan?

You guys, and your friend Jessica Johnson and …PAMELA!   Pamela Lalik and I think Scott is too. (of Wingbean in Asheville! )  I used to have a friend named Lily who is vegan but she moved to Portland and I don’t think she’s vegan anymore.

Is it weird being the only vegan in your school?

Sometimes it is a little bit.  Like when I’m the only one at my table with a lunchbox, but then it got fun because I get a lot of extra attention.  People want to know about veganism and my food.  I get to tell them all the stuff that my mom makes.  Sometimes my friends want to try my food too.  The other day a few of them begged me to try my seitan sandwich and they thought it was going to be nasty.  But they ended up saying that it’s just as good as regular meat!  Everyone I know loves our cupcakes.

So what are your favorite foods?

(check out his answers from when he was 8)

1. Soul Vegetarian Mac & Cheese

2. stroganoff

3. watermelon

4. seitan

5. pancakes

6. tomatoes (raw only!)

7. grits

8. mashed potatoes

9. pizza with mushrooms on it

10. nachos

11. tacos and burritos

12. my mom’s cupcakes!!!

13. oreos

14. popcorn

15. daiya cheese

16. lasagna

17. apples

18. Nature Valley crunchy peanut butter granola bars

19. soy delicious ice cream!  chocolate

20. dandies mashmallows

21. go max candy bars

22. licorce

23. carrots

24. tofurkey

25. smart dogs

26. field roast celebration roast

27. clementines

28. pretzels

29. grilled cheese sandwiches with tofutti cheese

30. peanut butter

And what foods do you not like?

1. chunks of onions (small cooked pieces are good)

2. bell peppers

3. cooked tomatoes

4. olives

What is your favorite restaurant you’ve ever been to?

Soul Vegetarian cart in Tallahassee.  Or Loving Hut in Orlando!!!

What is your favorite thing about being vegan?

I’m not hurting any animals and vegan food is really, really good.

Do you think you’ll always be vegan?

Yes!  I will always stay vegan.  No matter what.  I think killing any animals is wrong and should be a crime.

Do you have any advice for other kids who are the only vegan kid they know?

You need to just not listen if kids are bullying you about being different.   Just prove to them that you are no different than anyone else.  Like I’m good at sports and get good grades and am the vice president of my grade.  If a vegan can do all that stuff, then what could be wrong with being vegan?


6 Responses to “Vegan MoFo: Interview with a 12 year old Vegan”

  1. boychucker October 12, 2011 at 11:33 PM #

    I have to show this to my niece. She wants her lunches to look as “normal” as possible, but maybe she will get some confidence (and probably a crush) after reading this.

    • pbandkelly October 13, 2011 at 7:02 AM #

      Shae went through the normal lunch thing too. Said he just wanted to eat without talking about it for once. He got over it eventually! Good luck to your niece!

  2. Debbie October 13, 2011 at 12:44 AM #

    I love this post and what a great closing comment!

  3. jess @ cupcakes and kale October 13, 2011 at 10:32 AM #

    hurray for happy vegan kids!

  4. teddyplanet October 15, 2011 at 2:48 AM #

    A big hi-five from a fellow 17-year-old vegan! Like Jess said, really awesome finishing comment!

  5. Erin October 16, 2011 at 4:18 PM #

    Shae – You rock!

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