The Teal Nail Project

16 Oct

Today is National Feral Cat Day!  As a way to raise awareness, The lovely folks at The Teal Cat Project have taken time out from upcycling kitty tchotchke’s to raise money for cat rescue programs and  started the The Teal Nail Project.  Using our pretty teal nails to get people talking and thinking about the millions of kitties that need our help!

So naturally, I thought my kitties would be grateful to participate and help their fellow felines.  Right?

Karma was somewhat cooperative.  I was denied the right to pet her, but she was happy to stare at the camera.

Zoila is not used to my nails being painted and decided they were 10 little teal enemies attacking her.  She was not about to let that happen.

And Indiana wanted nothing to do with me or my teal fingernails.  He was much too busy cuddling his bff.

They may not be appreciative, but they sure are cute.

Now, I’ll be wearing my Teal Cat Project tshirt and  getting ready to talk my head off to anyone who glances at me about how important supporting TNR programs are!

(If you’re interested in my nail polish, it’s Sinful Colors Mint Apple.  Vegan, not tested on animals, cheap and readily available at Target!)


2 Responses to “The Teal Nail Project”

  1. Mandee October 16, 2011 at 7:30 PM #

    You have the cutest cats and dog! And I like that polish too, Sinful Colors is a great brand.

  2. Jojo October 17, 2011 at 3:43 PM #

    Pretty nails & such cute kitties and dog!

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