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Vegan Kid vs Food

11 Nov


Your eyes aren’t fooling you.  That pancake really is the size of the plate.  A regular dinner plate, mind you.

Shae was watching Man vs Food and couldn’t stand it any longer.  He needed a challenge.   The pancake episode put him over the edge.  Apparently the sight of a huge stack of a zillion pounds of pancakes heaping over a plate is too much for my kid to handle.

We drew the line at the going full-on Adam Richman, but Matt cooperated with making ONE plate sized pancake.  The negotiations started much, much higher.



While I adore Isa’s VwaV pancake recipe but Matt’s a bisquik guy.  If I had never told him Bisquik was vegan, we could always have the VwaV recipe!  Regrets.



Our griddle isn’t insanely huge, those are Silas’ teeny pancakes.  He wanted no part in this nonsense.


Shae needed a dollap of buttery spread and  thing layer of maple syrup to “balance the starch”.


And yeah, he ate the WHOLE thing.

In this battle of Vegan Kid, vs Food, Kid reigns supreme.  Watch out, food.

Adam would be proud.  I’m a bit horrified(/jealous).



Donut time!

6 Nov

If you know me, you know I pretty much spend my entire life craving donuts.  Sadly (and fortunately!) I live hours from anywhere selling vegan donuts.

We schedule trips around searching for them.  You don’t want to know how many I ate on my last vacation to Orlando!  Or maybe you do.  If you ever find yourself in Orlando, Florida, the Winter Park Wholefoods had AMAZING chocolate frosted donuts and eclairs. Reminded me of the ones I used to love from the grocery store bakery as a child.  Babycakes NYC in Downtown Disney has super yummy, yet healthier, donuts as well.  Baked, not fried, but super moist and delicious. The Vanilla Crunch was my favorite.

Enough about them, this post is about me and my donuts!

I have a mini donut pan, so these babies are teenier than they appear.  That’s a little salad plate.


Despite the grudge I hold against Lolo for screwing over an awesome vegan company (and me over in a cookie swap!), I couldn’t resist using her donut recipe.  I had made it a few times years ago and loved them.   This time I made random little changed throughout the rec, but didn’t really write them down, so all I remember is that I used way less Earth Balance.

Then I lazily melted some chocolate chips in the microwave and dipped them.

They turned out really great and totally hit the spot!  Super moist and fluffy, and a great contrast from the chocolate topping.


This sweet girl was very, very interested in watching me bake.  She stared longingly at me the entire time, even though I was not using one of her 3 approved human foods: potatoes, grits, or chickpeas.

She ended up with a bit of canned kitty food as a treat afterwards.  Can’t let those pleading eyes go unrewarded.  Not sure if I updated here or not, but Karma has an aggressive mammary tumor that is cancerous.  Too far progressed for any surgical interventions, so our time with her is limited.  She’s still acting like herself and enjoying being treated like the princess she has always declared herself.  We’re just hoping she stays happy and we get to enjoy her awhile longer.  Don’t want to imagine life without her cute little face in it.


And now a swift turn to something less sad.

Silas messily eating a donut!


With every bit, he was “yum yum yum”ing along.  I’m with you, kid.

He was not so thrilled when I declared 2 mini donuts enough.  There was a lot of glaring.


I’m going to pretend I didn’t sneak back for a third afterwards.