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Thanksgiving for vegan kids

21 Nov

With Thanksgiving looming, Silas and I have been reading a ton of books on the subject. Right off the bat, this went badly. He finally realized that people actually eat animals. That was a real bummer. It kind of sucks to have to teach your kid that this is something we have to just be chill about. We can’t hate people because they eat animals because truly they are just following social norms. This seems wrong to tell him, but I did anyway. I have flashbacks of Shae telling everyone how awful they were for killing the little animals, he went through a stage of being the obnoxious militant vegan that we are all made out to be. Except he was 3 and people totally listened to him, but you know, still probably not a good look.

Silas is only 4, so I try to just steer the conversation to the fact that we are vegan so we do not eat animals and how awesome that is that we choose to be nice to them! And Tofurky is so yummy! All happy and positive and let’s all just forget about the poor dead turkeys! (also feels wrong, but you know, it’s as much as he needs for the comprehension he has at this point)

So then we stumbled upon the comedy genre of children’s Thanksgiving stories which apparently means not eating turkeys. Hilarious idea, right! Ugh, whatever. These are more like dramatic stories with a heartwarming ending to us, so I’m happy. Turk and Runt was a good one about Turkeys who yearned to be the biggest and best so they would be “chosen” until they smart little brother, Runt, made them realize that people meant to kill & eat them. It wasn’t graphic at all and Silas enjoyed cheering them on.

This led to me hunting down Shae’s old copy of Dav Pilkey’s Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving.

Again, this is a “wacky” tale meant as humor, and to that I roll my eyes. This book was introduced to us by Shae’s kindergarten teacher in 2004. She did an entire unit on the book, then at the end, the kids went to the school’s turkey lunch. Yeah, I don’t know either. Shae was the only vegan in his super rural school, basically the only vegan in a sea of hunters. His teacher was by no means vegan, she just thought it was a cute book, but it meant a lot to Shae at the time. It showed him that other people think the way we do and that it’s okay to buck the normal traditions in the name of compassion. We must have read this book thousands of times over the years. Shae went on to reading all of Dav Pilkey’s other books and fell in love with him. He even dressed as Captain Underpants for character day at school in 2nd or 3rd grade. I’d like to post the picture, but you know, ruining his life and all that.

Of course, Silas dug it too. He was stoked to see the kids eating a vegetarian feast at the end with their turkey friends. We made turkeys afterwards and I asked him to fill in the blank afterwards from this lesson idea I found on pinterest. “Save a turkey, eat more ___________!”. He cracked me up by saying, “Food! They should eat actual food!”. YES. They totally should. Kids are kind of the best.

{Fun fact about Dav Pilkey: he wasn’t vegetarian when he wrote this book, but he is vegan now!}

As for the meaning of Thanksgiving, I have a real problem with celebrating white dudes killing off Native Americans and stealing their land. I just teach that we are celebrating gratitude and respect for Native Americans. I love this book so hard. We’ve read it everyday for 2 weeks now. Silas can’t get enough.

(Here’s the reading rainbow episode. I just found this and I’m so excited to share it with the kids.)

Oh and of course, what Thanksgiving is complete without Charlie Brown? NONE. So, get on that. We like to do a toast and popcorn feast while watching!

Silas keeps begging for “SO MANY TURKEYS” so we’ve been crafting them like no mans business. Starting to look like a little sanctuary around here.







Vegan MoFo Day 19: This is what I eat when I want Froot Loops. (bonus kitty pics!)

19 Oct

Day 19. (BELATED)

Growing up, I was a seriously picky eater.  I’m pretty sure I ate Froot Loops every single morning of my life,  except for the magical days that my mom made French Toast.  Now that I’m old enough to realize that Froot Loops are nothing more than delightful little circles of sugar and food dyes, I reach for Barbara’s Puffin Puffs Fruit Medley to satisfy that crunchy fruity craving.   All natural, but they still have that familiar taste to them.   Also, Puffins are cute.



And bonus kitty pics!  This is Zoila.  You might remember her from my about me page where I tell you she is a stone-cold murder.  She’s gotten much nicer and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want to kill any of us anymore!  She does however, scratch furniture, pee on couches and knock over and break any and all water & food bowls.  But she’s so freaking adorable, it’s easy to forget all of that.  Her favorite game is to find anything that looks like a snake and drown it in her water bowl.  Rubber bands, shoelaces, apron strings:  You are not safe here.



Free Pin Friday + bonus deer!

21 Oct

Oh dear, deer!

I complain a lot about living in the middle of nowhere. I really shouldn’t. I mean, there are subdivisions on either side of us so we aren’t that isolated. But since our acreage is wooded around the outer perimeters and across the street is 40 acres of woods, it feels like we are all alone out here. As much as it sucks, it’s also super amazing sometimes. Like the countless hours I spent nursing Silas in the front yard!

And like when magical woodland creatures come to visit.

This little guy happily munched on plants and acorns for the longest time this morning. He just stared at us watching him from the window, even when Silas was banging and screaming “Hi! Hi! Hi!”.

He pranced around the swing set, just checking everything out for awhile.

The whole time Indi was laying in the driveway just bathing in the sunlight. It was pretty great when the locked eyes and just stared at each other , then nonchalantly went back to what they were doing. Good thing you weren’t a lizard, deer. Indi would not have been the same sweet kitty.

Our little deer friend eventually wandered off, leaving me paranoid, listening for gunshots. Hopefully he’ll stay safe.

In honor of our adorable visitor and the third week of Vegan MoFo, I’ll be giving away a 3 piece vintage deer pin set from my etsy shop today for Free Pin Friday! Just leave a comment telling me about your favorite animal visitor and I’ll randomly choose a winner.
Open to anyone, anywhere! Please leave your email address so I can contact you.

Vegan MoFo: In love with an immersion blender with bonus kitty cuteness

6 Oct


I’ve had an adversion to my immersion blender for a long time.  Probably since the first time I used it and  I managed to spray food all over the kitchen, ceiling, my hair, and the food inside my open pantry.  One thing you should know about me is I’m basically the clumsiest person alive.  The kitchen is a dangerous place for me.  I once dropped a butcher knife and somehow caught it in the back of my flip flop UNDER my foot.  I’ve caught the dishwasher on fire, not once, but twice.  You get the idea.

But back to the immersion blender, or magic stick as I hear it often referred to.  (death stick is more like it!)  It’s super pretty and I wanted to love it!  It’s much easier to use than pouring into a regular blender and I love anything lazy.

(Things this blog has taught you:  Kelly is lazy and clumsy)

So after ignoring it for far, far too long I made peace with it last night, making some amazing gravy from Appetite for Reduction.  The Silky Chickpea Gravy was a delicious introduction to chickpea based gravies for us and we are all in love with it.  Super easy, all pantry ingredients.  This is my new go-to gravy for sure.  We put it on top of mashed potatoes and thinly sliced pieces of Vegan Dad‘s Seitan Lunchmeat.  That stuff is versitile.  Reminds us of Thanksgiving Tofurky.  I’m on my second batch already this week.

I’m going to spare you the horrific picture I took of it, and substitute pictures of one of our adorable cats.  That’s a suitable replacement right?

First I will tell you that I did have a near disaster with immersion explosion, but managed to survive it.  Next thing I know I’m in love and want to stick blend everything.  Good thing this horrific summer is finally on it’s way out, making way for soup weather!

And now for the cat pics.

This is Karma, she’s 12 years old and my baby.  She was a reject from a breeder for fuck knows why.  Seriously look at her in her kitteny glory!  Who wouldn’t love that cute widdle thing?  Jerks, that’s who.

You just forgot all about that gravy pic didn’t you?


Here she is last night, bigger and better.

She’s older and much, much more jaded now, but still has that magical way of being sweet and cute, while totally not giving a shit about anything.  Hello, Karma?  See those maniacs behind you?  No?  Don’t care?


Last night, we found a huge tumor on her chest.  Think happy, healthy thoughts for my baby, guys.  I can’t imagine what it would be like without her.


help animals, win stuff!

8 Sep

(photo from Ride to the Light’s facebook page)

Do you like winning things? Do you like helping cute animals? Then you need to check out this raffle, Katie from Don’t eat off the Sidewalk! is running on her blog. All you have to do is donate some money to an amazing cause, Ride to Light, a bike ride to benefit Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, Out To Pasture Sanctuary and Hope Animal Sanctuary. Any amount will do! Even $5 gets you entered in Katie’s raffle. After donating, go to her blog and follow the super simple instructions. You’ll have a chance at winning awesome stuff from Herbivore Clothing, a cookbook from Celine, artwork from Amanda, a Liv Lovely cookie’s voucher donated by Carrie from Vegan Coupons, or a $20 grab bag of adorable pins & pocket mirror from teeny tiny tantrums!

This is a win, win situation. Do it!

Also, how great is Katie for doing this? The greatest. And she has really pretty hair.