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Vegan MoFo Day 31: Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

Day 31.

We went to a Halloween carnival that we’ve been taking Shae to since he was 3. A decade later, Shae decides to dress up as Silas’ favorite animal, a penguin. The mustache made it cooler I guess? Silas was a dinosaur, his brothers old costume, but fitting since he requests we read his dinosaur abc book to him every night.


Mustache gone before we leave the parking lot…


Then we spot people he knows…



And next thing you know, Matt’s the penguin.  Shae did help Silas & his friend trick or treat, so he’s not too cool for us, just for the penguin costume.




Here are the eye-less mummy dogs we made today.  Pretend they look more like this please.  I used biscuits instead of cresent rolls and ruined a few with giant blobs of ketchup as eyes.  But whatever, kids were into it.  Thanks, pinterest.




Also:  Silas helped carve his first pumpkin today!  I have cute pictures of him doing it, but I’m just too damned tired.  Instead, blurry photo of him kissing and grinning and his new “happy” jack-o-lantern.  Happy Halloween!  And happy last day of mofo!  Went by in a hectic blur.  Maybe I’ll keep blogging this time.



Vegan MoFo Day 30: Spooky Pancakes!

30 Oct

Day 30.


Turns out Pinterest actually makes me do things.  At first, I just pinned and stared at all the amazing, time-consuming, costly crafts that I know I’d never ever do and bemoaned my horribly lacking wardrobe.   But then I started making to do list boards and it has been so helpful to me!  My board for planning Silas’ 4th birthday party kept me so on track and everything I needed in one place.  It was so successful for me that I made one for each of the major upcoming holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.   I narrowed things down as we went and didn’t force myself to accomplish everything that I had pinned for Halloween, but I did use any spare time we had to squeeze in a little holiday fun and I know the kids (especially Silas) really enjoyed it!  Definitely saved me a ton of time in the moment, looking for crafts or fun ideas.  I’m bumping a few pumpkin-y things to my thanksgiving board that I just didn’t have time for this month, but really, does it matter when we eat pumpkin cinnamon rolls?  NOPE.  Anytime and always, please.

I knew from the second I saw these spider pancakes that the kids would flip for them!  A squeeze bottle!  So smart!  I would have never thought of that and I see it being a reoccurring thing around here.  I did have trouble finding a squeeze bottle, but my mom found one for us.  I must have been looking in all the wrong places? Definitely work the effort to find one though!



It’s super easy to draw with it!



Silas’ brilliant addition was chocolate chip eyes on everything.  I like the way this kid thinks.  And you know, last year he hated chocolate chips!  Finally came to his senses.



He also recommends eating them eyes first.






Of course I needed pancakes too.  Obvs.



The only issue I ran across with the squeeze bottle is how much air it put in the pancakes.  Not sure how I can fix that for next time?  Maybe a thicker batter?  I’ll figure it out eventually.


Vegan MoFo Day 27: Halloween cracker spiders!

27 Oct

Day 27.

Cracker Spiders! We make these every year, but this year Silas made them himself! He’s so old, ya’ll.





Vegan MoFo Day 24: DIY Pumpkin Pie Spice

24 Oct

Day 24.

Maybe you noticed I have fallen behind on my mofo posts? Maybe not. I kind of knew this would happen with so much going around here on this month. But you know what? It doesn’t actually matter does it? I’ve been reading and enjoying everyone else’s mofo posts on the run (on my phone) and I finally found a day where I can breath again, so here I am! I’m having the urge to go back and write belated posts, so don’t be surprised if I pretend it’s day 19 again.

Today is the day where I realize how soon Halloween is and try to jam a bunch of creepy cute awesome in before the month slips away! I started a little Halloween to do list board on pinterest so I wouldn’t forget all the cute ideas before I made time to do them and we’re slowly making our way through. My house is covered in owls right now. I am not complaining.

First things first. I need to eat all of the pumpkin things. I’m going to need some pumpkin pie spice, right? A quick googling lead me to approximately a zillion blogs telling me that their googling led them to Annie’s Eats for her Pumpkin Pie Spice. Sounds good to me. Done and done. Under 2 minutes and it’s ready to go. Smells so pumpkin spicey, it almost makes me forget how hot it still is here!


The first thing I’ll be making with this spice mix is syrup for my lattes. YUM.

Vegan Zombies eat… grains?

30 Oct

Must have…. graaaiinnnsssss!

Vegan Parrots do not like when their brother turns into a Zombie.

But they do like Lollipops.

(gone are the days of “LA! LA! pops!  already)

And Zombies, by association to Lollipops only.

Or maybe he forgot Soccer Zombie Brother was even there?

Tweet, tweet.

Vegan MoFo: Traditional Halloween Spider Crackers

29 Oct

Every Halloween,  since Shae was 5, we make the same little spider crackers.  I’ve tried to convince Shae that we should create something new this year, but he says no, spider cracker are Tradition.  He’s a huge fan of holiday traditions.  So, that’s that.

We brought them to school when he was little and the kids always squealed over them.  The teachers were happy to see a healthy snack amidst all of the chocolate.  Win, win.

Well, this year, Shae was just too exhausted from a long week of school  and 3 hour daily soccer practices, but Silas was pumped.   Making a spider?  Whhaaaa?  EATING a spider?  What the what?!

I usually use pretzel sticks for the little spider legs, but I forgot we didn’t have those until Silas was already determined to create a spider.  We had to think fast.  Fortunately we had some licorice leftover from a movie day.

Mysteriously enough, Shae was not too tired to sneak licorice from us.


First we chopped the licorice into 8 tiny spider legs.

Licorice for legs! Pretzel sticks are even better.

Some peanut butter between two crackers, holding the legs in place.  And a few drops to hold on chocolate chips (or raisins!) as eyes and our spider is complete!

pretend I'm creepy, okay?

What, other bloggers don’t have a 3 year old with a Lightning McQueen camera doing their food photography?

Mama's little food photographer.

Silas needed to double check me for accuracy before eating.  Slowly counting all the legs and eyes.  Repeatedly.  Once he was happy with my work he shouted “Eight legs!  Two eyes” many, many times.

Good counting buddy, but this camera’s heavy and Mama just wants to see you eat the blasted spider.

"Eight legs! Two eyes!"

The flying test.  This is necessary to check all food for eat-ability in Silas Land.  The outdated squish test was less cute, and much more messy.

A properly constructed spider cracker can fly.

Yep, it flies.  Now let’s lick it.  Always with the licking.

Yum, peanut butter!

Success!  Chomp, chomp.

nom nom.

I’m still pining over the pretzel sticks are cuter method, but both boys seemed quite pleased with the addition of candy.  Obviously.

P.S. It’s not to late to enter yesterday’s Free Pin giveaway!  I’ll draw a winner on Monday.