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Thanksgiving for vegan kids

21 Nov

With Thanksgiving looming, Silas and I have been reading a ton of books on the subject. Right off the bat, this went badly. He finally realized that people actually eat animals. That was a real bummer. It kind of sucks to have to teach your kid that this is something we have to just be chill about. We can’t hate people because they eat animals because truly they are just following social norms. This seems wrong to tell him, but I did anyway. I have flashbacks of Shae telling everyone how awful they were for killing the little animals, he went through a stage of being the obnoxious militant vegan that we are all made out to be. Except he was 3 and people totally listened to him, but you know, still probably not a good look.

Silas is only 4, so I try to just steer the conversation to the fact that we are vegan so we do not eat animals and how awesome that is that we choose to be nice to them! And Tofurky is so yummy! All happy and positive and let’s all just forget about the poor dead turkeys! (also feels wrong, but you know, it’s as much as he needs for the comprehension he has at this point)

So then we stumbled upon the comedy genre of children’s Thanksgiving stories which apparently means not eating turkeys. Hilarious idea, right! Ugh, whatever. These are more like dramatic stories with a heartwarming ending to us, so I’m happy. Turk and Runt was a good one about Turkeys who yearned to be the biggest and best so they would be “chosen” until they smart little brother, Runt, made them realize that people meant to kill & eat them. It wasn’t graphic at all and Silas enjoyed cheering them on.

This led to me hunting down Shae’s old copy of Dav Pilkey’s Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving.

Again, this is a “wacky” tale meant as humor, and to that I roll my eyes. This book was introduced to us by Shae’s kindergarten teacher in 2004. She did an entire unit on the book, then at the end, the kids went to the school’s turkey lunch. Yeah, I don’t know either. Shae was the only vegan in his super rural school, basically the only vegan in a sea of hunters. His teacher was by no means vegan, she just thought it was a cute book, but it meant a lot to Shae at the time. It showed him that other people think the way we do and that it’s okay to buck the normal traditions in the name of compassion. We must have read this book thousands of times over the years. Shae went on to reading all of Dav Pilkey’s other books and fell in love with him. He even dressed as Captain Underpants for character day at school in 2nd or 3rd grade. I’d like to post the picture, but you know, ruining his life and all that.

Of course, Silas dug it too. He was stoked to see the kids eating a vegetarian feast at the end with their turkey friends. We made turkeys afterwards and I asked him to fill in the blank afterwards from this lesson idea I found on pinterest. “Save a turkey, eat more ___________!”. He cracked me up by saying, “Food! They should eat actual food!”. YES. They totally should. Kids are kind of the best.

{Fun fact about Dav Pilkey: he wasn’t vegetarian when he wrote this book, but he is vegan now!}

As for the meaning of Thanksgiving, I have a real problem with celebrating white dudes killing off Native Americans and stealing their land. I just teach that we are celebrating gratitude and respect for Native Americans. I love this book so hard. We’ve read it everyday for 2 weeks now. Silas can’t get enough.

(Here’s the reading rainbow episode. I just found this and I’m so excited to share it with the kids.)

Oh and of course, what Thanksgiving is complete without Charlie Brown? NONE. So, get on that. We like to do a toast and popcorn feast while watching!

Silas keeps begging for “SO MANY TURKEYS” so we’ve been crafting them like no mans business. Starting to look like a little sanctuary around here.







Vegan MoFo Day 31: Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

Day 31.

We went to a Halloween carnival that we’ve been taking Shae to since he was 3. A decade later, Shae decides to dress up as Silas’ favorite animal, a penguin. The mustache made it cooler I guess? Silas was a dinosaur, his brothers old costume, but fitting since he requests we read his dinosaur abc book to him every night.


Mustache gone before we leave the parking lot…


Then we spot people he knows…



And next thing you know, Matt’s the penguin.  Shae did help Silas & his friend trick or treat, so he’s not too cool for us, just for the penguin costume.




Here are the eye-less mummy dogs we made today.  Pretend they look more like this please.  I used biscuits instead of cresent rolls and ruined a few with giant blobs of ketchup as eyes.  But whatever, kids were into it.  Thanks, pinterest.




Also:  Silas helped carve his first pumpkin today!  I have cute pictures of him doing it, but I’m just too damned tired.  Instead, blurry photo of him kissing and grinning and his new “happy” jack-o-lantern.  Happy Halloween!  And happy last day of mofo!  Went by in a hectic blur.  Maybe I’ll keep blogging this time.


Vegan MoFo Day 10: LAZY Cake Pops for my birthday boy

10 Oct

Day 10.

Silas is 4 today! He’s having a Lego bash this weekend to celebrate, but he requested cake pops for today. Cake pops are one of those ridiculously cute foods that for whatever reason I decide I’ll screw up, so I put off attempting them forever. Also: see cinnamon buns.

I’m not about to turn down a birthday request, so I sucked it up and googled those adorable little balls. Automatically I feel extremely inadequate and know this is going to go horribly. Seriously, the things people do to these things! I don’t want sculpture, I want cake on a stick.

At some point (before I just gave up entirely) I decided to go rouge and just baked a double wacky cake, crumbled that baby up, mixed it with some leftover vctotw chocolate buttercream (thawed from the freezer) and rolled a zillion little balls. 44 to be exact. And I guess they are huge because I was just informed they are triple the size of Starbucks cake pops. Not my fault! I’ve never seen a real life Cake Pop off the computer screen. Also, I like cake. Anyway, so 44 huge balls. Throw in freezer, told kids a million times “no, they are not ready yet”, heated up (in microwave, for legit laziness) some ghiradelli semi sweet chocolate chips mixed with a little coconut oil, and dipped and dipped and dipped till I couldn’t dip anymore. Maybe I was singing “When I dip, you dip, we dip.” MAYBE.

Also, sprinkles. The kind meant as ice cream topping that are accidentally vegan. Chilled and placated children with extra chocolate chips.

This is why I don’t write recipes guys. So, so lazy. Good luck making it through this rambling nonsense.

Eventually they were ready to eat. They turned out really cute and were way easier than their cuteness eludes too! Kids were totally wowed. I think I’m a Cake Pop devotee now. So much cute for so little actual work. No sculpture necessary.








Bonus birthday picture!

Vegan MoFo Day 1: Frantic ramblings of a vegan mom

1 Oct

Day 1:

Spent the weekend frantically trying to come up with brilliant plan for mofo, ended up right where I started.  Going to blog about whatever, whenever I can grab the time.  By spending the weekend, I mean while running around with kids, cleaning up messes, helping Shae with his 8th grade SGA campaign and making 5 billion halloween crafts (Silas “NEEDED ART”), I briefly stared into space, begging for magical  a-HAH moment.  Crickets.

Spent rest of night desperately trying to at least decide on eye-catching first post.  (obvs failed)  Maybe I was sleeping.  Maybe.

So here we are, Monday morning, October 1st.  Up at 6, made breakfasts, lunches, husband off to work, Big off to school, Little is quietly and intensely building lego water for scooby doo to dance on.  I’m drinking cold coffee (NOT COLD ON PURPOSE) and have already made a huge disaster of my google reader and downloaded an app for my phone that may or may not make me actually have time to read all these mofo posts.  More on that later.

The cat is scratching the furniture, The dog is begging for in and out and in.  Silas wants more and more legos that are “water like”.  Did Shae remember his speech? (Shae for President!)

It hits me.  I’ve never going to think is sentences.   Def not today at least.

So what you get is the frantic rambling of a vegan mom who is trying to instill compassion and healthfulness in her kids.   However I can.  Try not to let your head explode from incomplete sentences and bad grammar.  My brain is not great these days.  My cupcakes are AMAZING though so I think it evens out.  Right?

OK, so I mentioned a few posts ago (in JANUARY.  hah.) that I was in a food rut and wanted to get out of it and start enjoying the process of cooking again.  It totally worked.  Mostly.  I’m testing for Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s next book Isa Does It and that gave me the direction I needed.  I grew up the pickiest eater in the world and while that has changed dramatically,  I still never developed the  motivation to force myself outside of my box when choosing recipes and odd ingredients.  I try, but it just doesn’t come naturally to me. I didn’t grow up in a family that cooked from scratch at all, so basically everything has been new to me as an adult.  The thing about cooking Isa’s recipes is that it’s more than just cooking, it’s more of a mini cooking lesson.  Isa introduces us to the ingredient, teaches us how to use it best, give alternative methods/ideas, and leaves us excited to destroy the kitchen.  I learn something new from her constantly and take that with me.  I’ve introduced my family to tons of new foods this year via testing and expanded our regular meals exponentially.  Most importantly she made a cashew cream addict out of me.  Cashews are magic, did you know that?  Seriously.  Just order a bulk bag and await this book.

Here are a few of our favs from testing:

Very Berry Scones


Chocolate Zucchini Bundt Cake (Silas is saying he wants to pour coconut milk on this.  That is not Isa Endorsed.)


Island Black Bean Burgers


Chandra Malai Kofta


Nirvana Enchilada Casserole


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to design some lego buttons & cupcakes toppers for Silas’ 4th Birthday party, beg my dog to stop barking at the squirrels, and build some Kale out of legos because Muno is hungry…

Also, now I’m starving.  Way to go, Vegan MoFo.