About Kelly


My name is Kelly and I like peanut butter.  I get that it’s cooler to prefer almond butter, but I’m just not that cool (you’ll soon realize this).  It’s kind of strange since I grew up banishing it from my sandwiches and soon became known (thanks to my little brother) as Jelly Kelly.

I’ve been involved in the internet vegan world a long time,  learning and sharing.  First, it was a cheesy vegan info site that I will not name names about and just la-la-la my way away from and hope no one remembers it, then I did a blog for 5 or 6 years about my oldest son, Adventures in the life of a Vegan Kid.  I’ve participated on various message boards over the years and really appreciate how much the online vegan community has taught me.   I like to read, paint crazy pictures, design pins for my etsy shop teeny tiny tantrums, pining over all things cute on pinteresttweeting about nonsense, and most importantly, hang out with my husband & kids.  We live in Panama City, Florida, home of gorgeous beaches and sweltering hot 9 month long summers.

I’ve always leaned towards vegetarianism.  I just could never grasp the fact that we actually ate animals, just too gross and awful to me.  I was also a super-mega-picky eater so it was usually just attributed to that.  Nope, turns out I eat and love most anything that’s vegan!  I finally realized that there is nothing wrong with me for not wanting to eat meat and officially quit it back in the spring of 2001.   My husband & 2 year old (at the time)  son  followed behind me, on their own accord, but their love affairs with cheese lasted much longer.  Once we could finally find vegan cheeses in our area, they jumped aboard veganism wholeheartedly as well.

Now, over a decade later, that little 2 year old Shae is 12  1/2 and we also have Shae,  a vegan-since-conception nearly 3 year old.  Shae lives & breathes soccer.  Just don’t  compare him to Beckham,  he’s more of a Ka-Ka kind of guy.  He’s super smart, loves animals and is the best big brother ever.   Silas is a ball of energy who just wants to run and giggle all day long.  He loves books, penguins, stalking his big brother, and dirt.  Lots and lots of dirt.  I could talk about how cute and amazing my kids are all day, but I’ll spare you this time (I’m sure I’ll make up for it later!).

We’ve became a sort of wayward house for unloved animals over the years, everyone knows the suckers and we aren’t even bothering denying it.  We don’t care if your huge, rambunctious lab eats beds and walls!  Look how cute she is!  Gawd.   Of course we’ll take her.   (Abbie, we miss you! r.i.p.)  Some jerk drops off a teeny tiny ball of furry feline cuteness shaking with fear on the side of the road?  BRING HER TO ME!  (Never mind that she spends her entire life trying to murder us.)  We’ve had some real cuties live out their lives with us that we’ll always miss, but right now we have 3 cats and 1 dog.  Three-Three is our 10 year old sheltie.  He’s so adorable, he looks seriously looks fake.  He’s just a big teddy bear to, loving to be in the middle of everything the kids are doing.  He’s been through a battle with cancer the past year or so, but after a huge tumor removal from his leg, is doing amazing well for the time being.   The cutest thing he does is check on Silas every single time he sneezes.  Since the day he came home from the hospital, Three has been barking away the baby’s sneezes.  His bff is Indiana, a stray that adopted us and lives outside.  We have 6 acres of woods and play area, so Indi has appointed himself guard.  Lizards & bugs, beware!  He and Three Three take daily naps spooning in the sun.   My baby is Karma, our 12 year old kitty.  She proves that Karma is indeed, a bitch.  She is the queen of the house & center of our world, and when we obey her she’s happy to love on us.   Little Zoila is the newest to join our group.  Shae found her crying in the middle of the street, after some jerk dropped her off.  She was so teeny and scared, but super friendly.   Shae fell so instantly in love with her, there was no denying she was one of us.  The sweetness lasted about a week, then she turned into what can only be described as pure evil.  She spends every single second of her days trying to destroy us and everything in her way.  She’s smart enough to be super adorable immediately after ripping our blood out of legs or filling out of the chairs.  I feel like Karma must have trained her in some way.

I’m excited to start a fresh blog and hope you enjoy it!


2 Responses to “About Kelly”

  1. Lauren (PB&G) October 7, 2011 at 2:53 PM #

    Haha! I love your “about me” section! So great of you and your family to open your home to all those animals (evil or not)!

  2. Melissa November 25, 2011 at 3:59 PM #

    I love your blog. I have two boys also (now 2 months and 2 years) and since I don’t actually have any vegan friends, I’m excited to follow you – my new pseudo friend – and be inspired. I’ve just transitioned us from veg to vegan – I am loving it.

    Sending you love from Seattle!

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